The last few Alpha releases of Ubuntu 8.10 have been a bit controversial because of the dark brown theme, called NewHuman, that it was shipping by default. Good news for those of you who weren’t too fond of that theme… it’s no longer default in Alpha 4! The NewHuman theme is still included as an option, but a new one called Human-Murrine has taken over the default spot.

I downloaded and installed the new Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha 4 theme so that I can see what it was like first-hand, but after installing the latest Alpha build there was a slight error with the theme. Human-Murrine is supposed to be shipping as the default theme, but for one reason or another it’s not completely enabled after setting up the operating system. It’s a known bug, but in the meantime you can manually select the Human-Murrine theme from System -> Preferences -> Appearance. After that it should look fine.

So what’s up with the new theme? It doesn’t look all that different from the Ubuntu 8.04 theme, but things like the progress bars are a bit more fancy. Here’s a screenshot gallery showing off the new theme:

Human-Murrine Theme on Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha 4 (Click to Enlarge)
ubuntu 810 install.jpg ubuntu 810 appearance.jpg ubuntu 810 firefox.jpg ubuntu 810 app menu.jpg ubuntu 810 openoffice.jpg ubuntu 810 network calendar.jpg ubuntu 810 synaptic install.jpg ubuntu 810 widget factory.jpg

You’ll notice that the first two screenshots have a messed up title bar because I hadn’t enabled the Human-Murrine theme yet. The remaining six screenshots are all using Human-Murrine. Take note of the redesigned progress bars shown in a few of the screenshots.

What do you think? Are you happy with the new theme or were you expecting something a bit more fancy like what we showed off last time?

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