Full Circle Magazine Issue 1Today is a great day as Issue 1 was just released of the Full Circle Ubuntu Magazine. It’s 42 pages of sheer goodness that walks you through how to do things on Ubuntu, and points you in the direction of some great software. Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll find in this issue:

  • Install Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, step by step (Kubuntu is next month)
  • Howtos:
    • Linux Directory Structure
    • MythTV Intro
    • Scribus (desktop publishing) Part I
    • Add/Remove Software
  • Review: GRAMPS geneaology software
  • Interview: Deluge BitTorrent Client developer
  • News, Top 5 Linux Games, Letters, Desktops, and much more

Just like with issue 0, I have converted the 6MB PDF into an image that’s available here. That way it is a little easier for some of you who are on slower connections, since you’ll be able to read it as the images downloads in your browser.

You can be looking for issue 2 around June 29, which is also a Friday so you’ll have some good reading material for the weekend! In the mean time you can enjoy this issue! :)

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