I’ve got a lot of news to share about Ubuntu, and instead of doing several different posts about it all I thought it would be better to aggregate the info into one convenient article. Prepare your minds for Ubuntu overload!

–Dell Ships 40,000 Ubuntu Machines–

Ubuntu Dell The Register managed to get their hands on some Dell stats, and they are actually rather impressive. It was back in May that Dell started offering Ubuntu as an operating system option on both laptops and desktops, and since then they have apparently shipped 40,000 units. I’m rather impressed with that number, but over 6-months has passed since the release which equates to about 220 computers being shipped every day.

The big question that this has left everyone asking is whether that’s good enough for Dell. They are shipping about 10 million computers every 3-months, and I’m not sure if they’ll see enough value in offering a line of computers where they can only ship 20,000 in the same period. It will be interesting to see how it plays out though.

–Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 1–

One of the joys with open source technology is that you can keep on top of future releases almost as if you were a developing it yourself. With that being said Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 1 (Hardy Heron) was just released, but it only brings a few goodies to the table. It has Xorg 7.3 which improves automatic graphics configuration, a few updated apps like Firefox and Gimp, and there are some new packages that were merged in from Debian.

It’s probably not worth an upgrade quite yet because you’ll risk compromising your system’s stability since it is such an early release. Ubuntu 8.04 Alpha 2 is scheduled for December 20th, and then looking into next year Beta 1 is planned for March 27th. When all is said and done Ubuntu 8.04 will ship on April 24th, 2008 and it will be classified as a Long Term Support (LTS) release.

–Full Circle Magazine Issue #7–

Full Circle Magazine Issue 7 It’s that time again! The community-powered Ubuntu magazine is already on its 7th issue, and the cover story is on installing Ubuntu Studio. That version of Ubuntu is geared towards audio and video enthusiasts.

I’ve converted this issue of Full Circle Magazine into a JPEG image for those of you who don’t want to download the PDF, and here’s a quick overview of what issue #6 has in it:

  • Step-by-Step Ubuntu Studio Installation
  • How-To:
    • Simple SSH Install
    • A Terminal on your Desktop
    • Easily Convert from Windows
    • Learning Scribus Part 7
  • Wubi Installer Review
  • Top 5 Audio/Video Apps.
  • Interview with the Howard County Library
  • News, Letters, Q&A, MyDesktop and more