UbuntuAs Ubuntu continues to gain popularity there is no doubt that they will be looking for more ways to increase their market share. Just last week it was announced that Dell will be offering PC’s with Ubuntu pre-installed, which is sure to make the operating system very well known. The Ubuntu team wasn’t about to stop there though…

Now they are partnering with Intel to develop a mobile and embedded version of Ubuntu to be used on mobile devices. The new mobile operating system will look to minimize the amount of power consumption while offering an interface that is optimized for small screens.

Having Intel on their side is a huge benefit because they are working on a new chip that will be less power hungry than typical processors. The chip’s size is just one-seventh of a processor and only uses 10% of the power.

Matt Zimmerman, Ubuntu’s CTO, made the announcement over an email list saying:

At the heart of the Ubuntu project lies a belief that open source software
and technology can play a key role in enabling individuals to achieve their
potential. A central goal has been the creation of a world-class, free and
open source operating system that we have worked to make accessible across
notebooks, desktops, thin clients and servers.

Three years on, it is clear that new types of device –  small, handheld,
graphical tablets which are Internet-enabled are going to change the way we
communicate and collaborate. These devices place new demands on open source
software and require innovative graphical interfaces, improved power
management and better responsiveness.

Finally, we are delighted to be working with Intel on this version of
Ubuntu. Intel are making significant contributions of technology, people and
expertise to the project. We hope that others who are interested in
producing an easy-to-use and open source environment for this class of
device will join us in making this a success.

The mobile version of Ubuntu is expected to be released this year in the middle of October, which is also when Ubuntu 7.10 should be available. It will be interesting to see if any mobile device manufacturers jump on the Ubuntu bandwagon, and also what developments will come about to compete with the iPhone.

Source: BBC