Kubuntu and Ubuntu logos

The Ubuntu website has begun to crumble from the incredible number of visitors that are visiting the site looking for the newest version of Ubuntu. The load was so bad that Ubuntu has temporarily replaced the homepage with a low-bandwidth version that only provides links to mirrors, as well as the release notes.

Even the main Ubuntu site is going a little slow when it comes to loading that page, so I made a mirror of their current homepage which lists all of the different places you can download it from. If your Internet connection can’t handle downloading the the 694MB ISO image that has to be burned to a CD, then you can just order a the latest version already on CD at no additional cost.

We have previously put together a great screenshot gallery of the Kubuntu and Ubuntu 7.04 Beta release, and nothing (besides for bug fixes) has really changed since that gallery was posted. Here is a quick overview of what’s new:

  • Networking improvements to make it even easier to connect to a wireless or wired network.
  • Disk usage analyzer lets you see where your hard drive space is going.
  • When trying to play media files, Ubuntu will try to install the necessary codecs automatically, and start playing the desired file.
  • New networking sharing makes it easy to network desktop computers without needing servers to assign IP addresses or names and allows users to automatically discover and join a wireless network and share music, find printers and exchange files.
  • 2 new games: Chess and Sudoku.
  • Some new artwork, including a new default background and splash screen.
  • New help center to find the things you want a little easier.
  • Enable some great 3D desktop effects in just one click!

If you want to try Ubuntu out yourself, but you’re not sure how to use the CD just head on over and read the article that Chris wrote. It will walk you through all the tools you’ll need to get Ubuntu up and running on your computer without even needing to install it!

Alright, here is a recap on links that will be important to you:

Thanks for the tip Cory!