Keyboard Shortcut Search Keyboard shortcuts are something that I use hundreds of times throughout the day. I would have to say that the copy and paste commands are probably my favorite, but I would have to put the Alt-Tab at the top of the list as well.

There are thousands of different keyboard shortcuts awaiting your beckon call on your computer, but the problem is that you don’t know about most of them. KeyXL has a great list of keyboard shortcuts…if our very own guide doesn’t do the trick for you.

As of right now KeyXL’s list contains keyboard shortcuts for 288 different applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux. They are broken up into categories to make navigation a bit easier: Microsoft, Adobe, Google, Web Browsers, Email, Photo/Imaging, MP3, HTML Editors. Here are some of the Windows keyboard shortcut pages on that you’ll probably use the most:

Since the site has a nice search engine for finding the application you’re looking for I decided to add it to my browser’s keyword search. That way I can lookup shortcuts in a jiffy should I need them!

KeyXL Homepage
Source: Lifehacker