Remove java

As much as I hate having to use Java there are still some things I need it for, which means most of my machines still have Java installed on them. One thing I came across recently was the free no-install JavaRa app that lets you manage almost every aspect of your Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installation and management. You can have it download and perform a fresh install of Java, update it, and even forcefully remove it.

The Update Java Runtime option is what you’d want to use to either update or to download and install the latest version of Java on your machine. If you choose to do a fresh install it will download the necessary setup file, and will open up the standard Java installer rather than doing an automatic silent install. That way you can still choose where you want Java to be installed on your machine.

The Remove JRE and Update JavaRa Definitions kind of go hand-in-hand. Before you try to perform a removal I’d recommend updating the JavaRA definitions to make sure it has the latest data it needs to be able to remove JRE cleanly. After you do that go ahead and proceed with the removal process. It will start by trying to use the built-in Java uninstaller, and after that finishes it will go through and forcefully remove files, directories, and registry keys that were left behind. If your Java uninstaller is corrupt or just won’t work you can bypass the step where it tries to run the uninstaller, and it will jump right to forcefully removing all traces of Java.

Don’t forget to check out the Additional Tasks section. There you’ll find shortcuts to do things like remove the Java startup entry, check what version of Java you have installed, and remove old JRE Firefox extensions. It really is like an all-in-one Java installation management utility.

JavaRa Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)