TmobileWow, that didn’t take long. The iPhone launched June 30th, it’s now August 24th, less than two months later and the iPhone has been unlocked from the AT&T Network. Engadget has reported that a team called has created software that takes the exclusivity away from AT&T. Engadget says, “We can confirm with “100% certainty that’s software solution completely SIM unlocks the iPhone, is restore-resistant, and should make the iPhone fully functional for users outside of the US.” They also mentioned the fact that they don’t have a copy of the software, so don’t even ask. :)

The team that created the software to unlock the iPhone has set up a website and says they welcome publications from around the world to “apply to receive their iPhone unlocked FREE of charge” to silence any doubters. They also say that they’ll be selling licenses to the software starting next week, and will also offer the purchase of bulk licenses (500 and above). The unlocked iPhone will work on other networks and around the world!

So now that leaves me curious how much they’ll end up charging for the software. Whatever the cost, I’m sure that these people are going to end up with a hefty profit, particularly from those overseas purchasing the software.  And because Apple doesn’t ship iPhones Internationally, I can see many more iPhones being listed and sold on eBay, and shipped Worldwide.

Engadget tested their iPhone with an active T-Mobile SIM, and they had no problems. One of the only downsides with the unlocked iPhone is the that visual voicemail will not work because that’s something special to AT&T’s network. Other than that, everything is “confirmed as working on a non-AT&T network: SMS send/receive, Internet – including Safari, Mail, Google maps, etc. Here’s a video Engadget put together that shows a phone call being made using the iPhone on a T-Mobile network: