Portable Firefox Available Here

EDIT: Firefox is still a TinderBox release which means it is not 100% official! However, most TinderBox releases do not get changed before their official release.

John T. Haller put a lot of work into the Portable Firefox 1.5 to make it easy for us to carry Firefox with us anywhere that we go. I use this all the time at school, and just today with the release of Firefox my mind got to wondering whether I can update the Portable Firefox 1.5 to myself without having to wait for it to be updated.

John designed the program very well and it made it very easy for me to upgrade. All I had to do was install Firefox to the Firefox directory that was located in the main folder. Everything (extensions, profile, etc…) was left in tact and I was back up and running in minutes.

To make it easier for people in the future I have taken the liberty to install Firefox in Portable Firefox and I zipped it up. To use it on your USB drive or flash drive, all you have to do is download the file, unzip it, and run the PortableFirefox.exe that is located in the main folder.

I have only been testing it out today so I don’t know if everything is fully compatible yet, but I would imagine much would not have changed.

I am in no way taking credit for the design of Portable Firefox but I am merely updating it. If you would like to find more applications that can be used on your USB drive or other portable device then make sure to check out PortableApps.com. They also have cool applications like Portable Gaim, Portable OpenOffice, and Portable Filezilla!

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