Firefox 2 Session Restore

When Firefox 2 Beta 1 was released a few weeks ago I put together a tweaking guide so that people would know how to customize some of the great new features. In that article I show you the few steps you need to take in order to make the built-in Session Restore automatically restore all of your tabs every time you restart Firefox. For about the past week I have noticed that Firefox stopped restoring my sessions. I thought maybe they were going to prevent people from doing this which would have made me a little upset. Then I soon realized that they just changed the name of the setting in the about:config page. So if you have tweaked your Session Restore for Firefox 2 Beta 1 then you will need to also add this entry in order for it to work when Firefox 2 Beta 2 gets released on August 23.
  1. Start Firefox.
  2. In the Address Bar type “about:config” and press Enter.
  3. Right-Click and select New->Integer.
  4. A box requesting the Preference Name will popup and you should enter “” (without the quotes). Press OK to continue.
  5. Here are the multiple options you can choose from:
    • Enter 0 to start with a blank page (about:blank).
    • Enter 1 to start with the web page(s) defined as the home page(s). (Default)
    • Enter 2 to load the last visited page.
    • Enter 3 to Resume the previous browser session (implemented after Firefox 2 beta 1).