fireeagle.pngYahoo has just launched Fire Eagle out of beta, a platform that makes it easy for people to share their location. It’s not a social network, rather they make it possible for existing services including social networks, to incorporate your location. They also have a mobile version available so that when you are on the go, you can easily update your location, or hide yourself which essentially means that Fire Eagle will not share you location with any service.

Examples of how Fire Eagle is integrated into services you may be familiar with include:

  1. Pownce – have your messages geotagged with your Fire Eagle location
  2. Rummble – location based social discovery tool to help you find people and places nearby
  3. Movable Type – display your location on your blog, automatically updated whenever you rebuild

Those are just three examples of how Fire Eagle is being used. Yahoo has a whole gallery of applications that make use of Fire Eagle. For those who don’t want anybody to know an actual location, you can make it up, although that then defeats the purpose of the platform.

The official Yahoo Blog, Yodel Anecdotal wrote about Fire Eagle and talked about how easy it is for developers to create location-enhanced applications. They described is being all about “making everything on the Internet more useful, fun or interesting by adding the element of location.”

For those of you who want to start using Fire Eagle, checkout the list of services and web apps that are already taking advantage of the platform to see if any of them interest you and then use your Yahoo ID, if you have one (or just sign-up) to get started. When you want to update your location you can manually do it, or use one of the following apps:

  • Dopplr – will tell Fire Eagle the city you’re in
  • Brightkite
  • Fire Widgets – update your location on your Mac OS X dashboard
  • Zone Tag, My Loki or Navizon – will broadcast your location automatically
  • Searchquest GPS for iPhone (get it from the App store)

The most natural thing for Yahoo to do would be to integrate the Fire Eagle service with Yahoo Maps so that you could track and view locations of your friends and family.

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