Social screenshot

Most screenshot apps out there don’t have integrated sharing options, but there is definitely a trend to make screenshot sharing easier with these types of programs. TinyGrab is a free utility that focuses on snapping a screenshot and immediately uploading it to their servers or your own custom location through FTP/SFTP.

If you’re looking for a standard screenshot utility that comes with an editor and some advanced features, this is not for you. TinyGrab lets you take a screenshot of the full screen, the active window, or a selected region. Aside from that there is not a whole lot you need to know about the app, which is actually good. Thanks to the customizable shortcut keys I’m able to run this alongside another more full-featured screenshot utility, but I only execute TinyGrab if my intention is to share the screenshot with someone.

Here’s a breakdown of the features offered by TinyGrab:

  • Custom Server Uploading
    Upload grabs automatically to your own server through FTP, SFTP; as well as the option to upload all filetypes and multiple files as .zip archives.
  • Amazon S3, MobileMe & Cloud Files
    TinyGrab 2.0 adds support for more custom server types. Specifically Amazon S3, MobileMe and Rackspace Cloud Files.
  • Online Management
    Manage and organise all of your uploaded grabs through TinyGrab’s new and feature packed Online Control Panel. Search for specific grabs and place them in folders.
  • Custom Domains / URLs
    Use your own custom domain / URL along with TinyGrab’s grab hosting service to share and manage your images, or use as your own custom URL shrinker!

TinyGrab Homepage (Windows/Mac; Freeware)