usb devices.pngIf you have a Wii, you may not even know that there are two USB ports on the back of the console that just sit there. Obviously Nintendo put them there for a reason, you say to yourself, but up until now we haven’t really seen any way to take advantage of them. We take that back, Rock Band which is set to come to the Wii on June 22nd will need a USB port for the drum set, the Wii LAN adapter connects via USB, and we’ve heard of some people hooking up a keyboard via USB, but that certainly can’t be it, can it?

Now it looks as though Nintendo is going to try and take advantage of the ports that they put there. PC World reported that there’s a new job listing over at Nintendo which hints that USB devices for the Wii are coming. The title of the job is for a “Software/Hardware Tester” and their job will be to “create and execute a test plan for Wii’s USB devices.” a Good point that PC World makes is that this could potentially provide Wii users with a storage solution. They say, “Wii owners struggle to manage downloadable content and games, given the console’s limiting 512MB internal memory, (although there is already an SD Memory Card slot)” and so the USB ports could be used for storage, among many other things.

If in fact Nintendo intends to create USB devices for the Wii, what would you want to see?

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