Kingston DataTraveler 4GB

Note: Sorry, this deal is for United States residents only.

If you missed out on the 2GB flash drive deal a few months back don’t sweat it. Not only is the 2GB drive available for $4.95, but there is also a 4GB drive available for a mere $14.95! And if that’s still too much for your pocketbook pick up the 1GB drive for free. There will be a little bit of tax on each of the drives though, so the 1GB will actually come out to a little under $1. Those prices include free shipping, and there are absolutely no mail-in rebates to struggle with. You won’t even find a deal like this on Black Friday next week.

What’s the catch? You have to purchase these drives using a newly created Google Checkout account. Google Checkout is a completely free service to signup for, and I’ve used it for several of my purchases in the past. It’s hassle-free so it is definitely worth the $10 that you save off of your total purchase.

For those of you wondering these drives are capable of being used with Vista’s new ReadyBoost feature. That would be because it exceeds the minimum requirements with its 6MBps read speed (2.5MB/s required for ReadyBoost) and its 3MBps write speed (1.75MB/s required for ReadyBoost). Of course you can always get around that restriction, but having a drive that meets the requirements will ensure that you get the best performance.

If you want to pick one of these up you better hurry. The 1GB drive is the number one selling item on right now, the 2GB is number two, and the 4GB is number three. At prices like these it’s very possible that will sell out of them.

Kingston 1GB Data Traveler USB Flash Drive (FREE + tax)
Kingston 2GB Data Traveler USB Flash Drive ($4.95 + tax)
Kingston 4GB Data Traveler USB Flash Drive ($14.95 + tax)
[via Shankri-la]