As the title suggests, today I’m going to show you how to use a text box to spruce up your document.  Yes, I said a text box.  I’m sure you’re familiar with using a plain ole’ text box, there’s nothing to it, right? In Microsoft Word 2007, there’s no reason to be plain with a nice selection of options to use when you’re needing to insert text with a text box. The looks of your document will make others think you spent lots of time to create a box that looks so nice, but all it takes is just a minute or two. Let’s get started…

  1. Open up Microsoft Word 2007
  2. Click the Insert Tab, and then look to the “Text” section for the option to add a text box.
    Text box
  3. Click on the Text Box Icon and you’ll notice a drop down menu that has 36 different options to choose from! You can always just draw your own text box, which is still an option as well.
    Text box 1
  4. Choose a style that suits the document you’re working on best. Here are some of the text boxes I created. The first example is an “Alphabet Quote.” You can use it “as-is,” or you can play around with shadow and 3–D effects which I recommend doing. The second example is “Austere Quote.”
    Alphabet quoteText box 3
  5. Remember to play around with the colors as well. You can select the color you’d like for the text, as well as the “text-box.” With the image below, I played around with font color, text box color, and even the color of the shadow. It’s hard to tell, but there’s a light green shadow around the text box.
    Text box 4 Text box 6
  6. Another tip is to play around with gradients which can also add a lot (pictured above).  You can find the options to use a gradient under “Shape-Fill” in the Text Box Styles section.
  7. I played around with several different options, and below is an example of what a document would look like with a text box inserted:
    Text box 5

Did you ever think you could create a great-looking text box in just one click? Microsoft has added so many options in Microsoft Word 2007 that can really add a lot to your documents, with one of them being the text box options. There’s no need for a dull looking text box anymore!