Clipmarks is an extension for Firefox, Internet Explorer, and even Flock that will allow you to clip your favorite parts of the web. They just released their latest version, Clipmarks 2.0 that has a few new features that you might like.


What’s nice about Clipmarks is that you can clip as much as you want, or as little as you want, from a word or two, all the way to an entire paragraph.  You can even clip videos! One of their features even allows you to post your clips right to a blog, or to share with others via email.

ClipmarksOnce you install the extension, you’ll notice a green clip button at the top of your browser.  By clicking on it, you’ll be in “clip mode.”  This means that when you scroll your mouse over a paragraph, a sentence, video, etc., you’ll notice orange lines surrounding it. Once you have selected the content that you want, you’ll either click inside the orange lines, or click a “clip” button, depending on what you’re clipping.

After you’ve selected your content, you’ll see an orange bar at the top where you’ll see different options like saving the clip, blogging it, emailing it, or printing it. They offer support for several different blogs if you decide you want to blog about the clip.  Additionally they offer support for several video sites including YouTube, DailyMotion, Google Videos, Yahoo Videos, and others.


There is one downside though, as Webware points out. Once you’ve clipped something on the page and leave, when you return to the same page, it will no longer show what you had clipped. Webware says it’s like having a highlighter with disappearing ink! It would be nice if they saved those for you so that you knew what you had clipped when you return to a site.

They’ve also implemented privacy options.  You can decide to have your clips be private, or displayed to the public.  If you decide to make your clips public, people can “Pop them” or vote on them, in Digg fashion.  On their website, you’ll see a list of their “top Pops” for the day, week, or month.  They also divide these clips into popular topics like technology, science, or politics.

It’s a great, simple tool to use that’s worth checking out.

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