DivShare has now turned social with their new “DivShare Groups.” They describe it as a “simple and social way to share your files with people around the web.”

One of the nicest features is that users will be able to subscribe to groups via email or RSS. This way it will be easy to monitor for new additions and changes. You can either join a group that has already been created or create a group of your own. If you decide to create a group of your own, you have control over who is able to join – either all members, or only the ones that you approve.

Another nice feature is that you can set the privacy level of your group. If you only want your group members to see it, the group won’t appear to the public. If you created the group, you can also make the decision on who is able to add files- either all users, members only, or moderators only.

Divshare groups

DivShare has created a few groups as examples so that you get an idea of what it’s like.  Generally speaking, the most popular files to share will probably be music, and images. The screenshot above shows what one of their example groups looks like.

Visit the Groups page to checkout the groups that are available for anyone to join. If you have an account, you can join the groups that are “open to everyone.” Or of course, start one of your own!

Join the DivShare Button Contest!

Here’s you’re chance to win a free premium DivShare account. Yes, that’s right, a free premium DivShare account. Those will be launched later in the month.

They’re looking for people to create a “promotional button that explains why you’re such a DivShare fan.” You’ll need to start with their logo that’s found here, and it will need to be 125×125. If your button is one of their three favorites, as mentioned, you’ll win a free premium account.