dropbox Yesterday in the CyberNet Forum, Max mentioned a site that he recently saw which looked awesome called Dropbox.  We checked it out and sure enough, it is pretty awesome and I think you’ll agree. It’s currently in the private beta stage so you’ll need an invitation to check it out, but they’ve got a video posted that does all of the talking and really demonstrates what you can do. I highly recommend watching the video to get the best idea of what Dropbox is all about while you’re waiting for your invitation to join the private beta.

In a nutshell, Dropbox is a new way to store and share files online. It also serves as a great way to synchronize files between computers. After installing Dropbox on your computers ( it doesn’t matter if they’re PC’s or Mac’s), you’ll see a Dropbox folder.  This is where all of the storing and sharing takes place. If you were to add a bunch of files to your Dropbox folder on one computer, within seconds the Dropbox folder on the other computer would have those same files. The same goes for changes to files. If you were to make a change to one file, the same file on the other computer would be updated. Each of the icons in the folder will have a green checkmark to let you know that they are up to date. This could really come in handy for those who have one computer at work and one computer at home or for those of you with two computers in the house that you’d like to keep synchronized.

Below is a list of some additional features that really stand out:

  • If you update only a portion of a file, for example, a picture — only the portion that has been changed will be synchronized with your other computer. This means the update is quick and loads of bandwidth is saved.
  • If you delete a file from your Dropbox folder, you can view it online and bring those files back with a couple of clicks
  • View the contents of your Dropbox folder online
  • Easily get the most recent version of a file that you’ve changed, or any previous version
  • Share files and folders with just a click

Another great feature is that it comes with a built-in photo gallery that is integrated into the desktop. All you do is drag the folder of your pictures inside of your Dropbox folder.  Dropbox will create an album online with the same name an then you’ll be given a URL to the folder so that you can easily share them.

At this point they are in a private beta, so they haven’t really mentioned how they intend to make money from this service. From the looks of it though, they will probably end up having some size limitations because they actually store file changes. Dropbox could easily set-up different plans where users can pay a certain amount for different levels of storage space.

Update: We received notice that there’s a 5GB storage limit in the beta.