There are a variety of different Firefox Extensions that expand your bookmarking capability.  Sure you could just use the built-in bookmarking feature, but there are extensions that are more useful, and add more functionality.  One of those is an extension called Dog Ears. I like dog ears because it’s a lot like using post-it notes to mark important pages in a book or document. With Dog Ears, just like you would do with post-it notes, you place “Dog Ears” where you want to mark something important that you’d like to easily go back to.


The picture above shows what it looks like when you’ve placed Dog Ears on a page.  It places blue markers that are numbered in the places where you’ve selected. There are a few shortcuts that make this process easy. By holding down shift and clicking, you can place a dog ear where you’ve clicked. You can use this shortcut on anything but text. If you’re over text, you’ll have to right click and select to mark a dog ear. This is done so that the extension won’t conflict with Firefox’s feature for highlighting text.

Using the same shortcut shift+click, you can remove the dog tags.  If you’re wanting to file through all of the dog tags you’ve placed on a page, by clicking shift + space-bar, you’ll quickly move to the next tag. The tags that you’ve placed are saved across sessions so you can always go back to a page you’ve tagged days later.

This will probably be most useful on really long articles that you’re reading through, but really, it could be used for just about anything like marking download links on a page that you’d want to go back to. The download for Dog Ears can be found here.

Some other bookmark/note-taking options that you might find useful:

  1. Diigo – Add highlights and sticky notes to webpages (Firefox Extension).
  2. ScrapBook – Helps you save Web pages and manage collections (Firefox Extension).
  3. Google Notebook – Clip useful information, and organize notes.