Use Office 2007 As Your Blogging Software

It looks like Microsoft Office 2007 Beta 2 will allow users to create posts for their blogs. You will be able to upload your post directly for Microsoft Word and you will also be able to upload your photos. At this point you should not expect these features to be flawless because they just started to work on them. Here are some known issues that have been found so far:

Did I mention that this was beta software and we were running hot? For complete transparency I need to admit a couple things. I had to make a few hand tweaks to my post due to bugs (I’m sure our developer would blame it on user error). I had to upload and hand code the pictures because I had problems with my FTP site. And, I had to hand change the items with the CODE tag since we didn’t map the Word code style correctly. You too can help find a report bugs with this feature once beta 2 is available.

I hope to see this and other new features in the Beta 2 release of Microsoft Office 2007. Hopefully they have been working on other features besides those that only benefit bloggers.

News Source: Joe Friend Blog