There are all kinds of alternatives popping up for managing RSS feeds in an effecient, and easy-to-use way. One that you probably haven’t tried is called Anothr and it will send feed updates directly to your Google Talk or Skype instant messenger.

I was actually surprised at how easy the service was to use, and actually kind of fun. For Google Talk, all I had to do was add to my list of friends in Google Talk and I was almost instantly able to start “chatting” with the bot. It made me feel like I was using a command-line RSS reader which is essentially what it is, and from it you can add/remove feeds, import OPML files, and set intervals for which you want to be notified. If you ever forget the commands, just type a question mark (?) in a message to the Anothr bot and it will let you know what commands you can use.

Using the command line to manage your subscriptions could get pretty tedious, and for that reason they also let you manage them via a web-based interface. The URL needed to manage your subscriptions from a website can be found by typing in the question mark (?) in a message to the Anothr bot.

So, what does it look like then when you’re using Anothr? Here is a screenshot from the notification message that Google Talk shows:


And here is what the actual article looks like…you’ll notice that they trim it down to just a summary and remove all images:


This obviously isn’t a great way to manage hundreds of feeds, but if you have a few favorites (like ours :) ) that you really want to keep on top of then this should work great for you. Some feed reader applications already offer a notifier so this may not be extremely necessary, but this makes use of a program that you probably already have installed.

There is no registration necessary…to get started just send a message to and you should quickly receive a reply. Visit the Anothr homepage for more information.

News Source: Google Operating System