Hoping to compete with navigation devices like the TomTom and Garmin, Sony has announced that coming in February 2008, they’ll be selling an accessory that will turn the PSP (Playstation Portable) into a navigation device. Unfortunately for now, this is something that will only be offered in Europe.

It makes perfect sense to add multiple functionalities to portable devices, like what Sony is doing with the PSP. People like to carry around as little as possible, and combining multiple devices into one just makes things simpler. The price isn’t too ghastly either. According to the head of Sony’s European games unit, they say that the accessory to add navigation functionality to the PSP will be priced between 100 and 150 euros ($135–$200).

Sony navigation device

When this navigation device is released, it will support 11 different languages! Among them are English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, and more. It’ll also allow users to update their POI database using Wi-Fi or the Playstation network.

Another big announcement from Sony that once again, will only be offered in Europe, is an accessory for the Playstation 3 that will give it DVR (digital video recorder) functionality. That means that users will be able to record live TV to play back later. DVR’s have been getting pretty popular these days and so it’s another move by Sony that just makes plain sense.

 Hopefully both the navigation and DVR accessories will make their way to the United States soon because I’m sure there are plenty of PS3 and PSP owners that would be interested.

Source: Reuters