Using Google As Your Phonebook
Sometimes it is tough to find the phone number you are looking for but Google makes it easy. Most people, including me, never realized that Google actually has a phonebook operator (pun intended :D ). To get the phonebook results you just have to type “phonebook:???” where you replace the question marks with the name, business, or phone number you want to search for. The phone number lookup is one of the most useful features because how many times does someone call you and you have no idea who they are…now you just have to type in their phone number and see if Google can find their information.

The phonebook results screen will be divided into two sections, business and personal results, which can be slightly customized. If you just want to receive business listings then use the search operator “bphonebook:???” and if you just want personal listing just use “rphonebook:???”. Sounds simple enough, right? Finding John Smith in Miami, Florida would be as simple as typing “rphonebook:John Smith Miami FL“. If you are unhappy that you appear in these results then you can always submit your information to Google and have yourself removed.

News Source: Google Blogoscoped