uTorrent 1.7 was released today after several months in the making, and after being bought out by BitTorrent back in December 2006. Fear that the tiny little BitTorrent downloader would become a bloated sibling like it’s new older brother can be put to rest. This is the same ol’ uTorrent that we have all come to know and love…except with some notable new features.


Here’s what’s new in uTorrent 1.7:

  • Full Vista compatibility
  • Option to update to Beta versions of uTorrent
  • Upload rate can be automatically limited
  • Find local peers on the same network as you
  • No more 65,536 piece limit on torrents, of course I don’t think I’ve ever downloaded a torrent with that many items.
  • And there is a whole lot more…

The coolest thing in this version is that there is no longer a separate download for both the standalone and installer. They combined the two of them into one small 218KB download. Now when you go to run the file it will ask whether you want to install uTorrent or just run it without creating any shortcuts. It’s a simple and effective solution, and for that reason I love it.

So all of you who loved uTorrent in the past…don’t worry, it’s still the same just with a few added features and a lot of bug fixes. For the time being I would consider it to be bloat-free, but that doesn’t vouch for where the project could be headed in the future.

The next big thing that will be coming for uTorrent is a Mac OS X version. A few weeks ago TorrentFreak got their hands on a pre-alpha build and snapped a bunch of screenshots of it. They said that it made a great first impression, and that a public Beta will probably be available soon.

Download uTorrent 1.7