My favorite dedicated BitTorrent client has always been uTorrent, and with the new uTorrent mUI you’ll be able to control your Torrent downloads no matter where you are at. It is optimized for mobile devices, and works great on Opera Mini or on the iPhone. When you pull it up you’ll quickly be able to gain access to all of the important information regarding your current Torrents:

uTorrent mUI

While using uTorrent mUI you’ll be able to start, pause, stop and monitor your downloads. It also offers some additional info about every Torrent and a couple of settings you can change.

So how do you access it? You’ll need to have the WebUI plugin installed in uTorrent so that it is all setup for remote access. Then all you have to do is point your mobile browser to and you should see a login screen similar to the one pictured above.

It doesn’t require any installation on your mobile phone, but remember that this can only be used for tracking Torrents that you have already started to download. You can’t specify the link to a torrent and have it start, but I’m sure that will be a feature for a future version.

If you want to see what this is like, and whether it is going to work for you, head on over to this Opera Mini demo where you can login to your uTorrent and give it a shot.

uTorrent mUI Homepage