A little over a month ago the site with the address UTube.com was complaining because they were receiving nearly 70,000 visitors per day from people mistakenly thinking that it was the address for the popular YouTube.com video service. UTube.com then tried to get some compensation for their used tube mill business by suing YouTube, and they said that “my business is being threatened by this situation.” See, that’s where they were wrong…they just weren’t in the right business!

Google Blogoscoped noticed that the site has taken the first steps on capitalizing on people typing in the wrong URL. The original site is still there but it is slightly pushed down the page to make room for their new sponsored search box and links. Doing a search will provide you with some enormous advertisements for ring tones that have large images representing videos. Clicking on the logo will also take you to a “What’s Hot” page that lists what is supposed to be the most popular searches, but in reality it is probably just the biggest money makers.

Oh yeah, and we definitely can’t forget their Web 2.0 logo! Look at the thing…it even has a reflection! I think at this point they might as well post a made-for-Adsense site and become an official typosquatter.