YouTube If you were the owner of a company called UTube and had possession of what would you do? Well, the current owners are trying to promote their used tube mills that they are selling. However, the site has gained a ranking of 13,000 on Alexa because of the similar name to Looking at the chart shows that their traffic just continues to grow. posted an article the other day explaining how went from receiving 1,500 visitors a month to over 2 million. So the owners decided to sue YouTube:

The lawsuit asks that YouTube stop using the domain name or reimburse Universal Tube for the cost of establishing a new corporate identity.

“We were there first–by 10 years. Now I see a potential re-branding that could take years to complete,” Girkins said. “I’m not the kind of person who looks for lawsuits, but my business is being threatened by this situation.”

Heck, this isn’t a time for rebranding…this is when you should partner up with someone to create a useful site! If you’re getting nearly 70,000 visitors a day then I’m sure you could get a lot of returning visitors if you design something useful. I definitely wouldn’t be suing instead I would be embracing.

Sure they may not be the computer type of people, but pay someone a few thousand dollars to make a nice site and you’ll probably make that back in the first few days from advertisements. The first idea that popped into my mind was to create a Digg-like site for YouTube videos…it would almost be an instant success! You wouldn’t even have to host the videos because YouTube will take care of that for you. ;)