Meebo continues to impress me. First they launched a file transfer feature for their web-based instant messaging service back in September. Then just a week or two ago they brought instant messaging to the Firefox Web Browser via an extension. Now just yesterday they announced that they were bringing applications inside Meebo with the first application being voice and video chat. Impressive, isn’t it? Below is a screenshot which shows what this looks like:

meebo chat and video

As Lifehacker points out, while the video chat isn’t high resolution nor the same quality as Skype, it certainly isn’t bad for a web-based chat solution. To use this feature, just look for the rocket ship in any Meebo chat window. Once you click on it, you’ll get a list of available applications and then you can select which one you’d like to use:


You’ll notice in the image above that there’s a link for “create your own.” Meebo is hoping to expand the list of applications that they offer by opening their doors to developers. They’re asking that people think of an activity they’d want to do while using Meebo and fill in the blank “I want to __ with you” and then turn whatever that is into an application. So what is it that you’d like to be able to do with your friends while chatting at the same time?

Meebo also just celebrated their 2nd birthday, so to them, Happy Birthday!