WindowBlinds is known for letting users skin their operating system to look just how they want it to, and WindowBlinds 5.5 is now compatible with Vista. I would say that a majority of people would be greatly satisfied with the Vista Aero theme, so why is there a need for a new version of WindowBlinds? Actually, when WinCustomize announced that they were working on the new version they made a very good point:

It’s been over 5 years since the last major release of Microsoft Windows.  Back then, many people wondered “would people need Object Desktop with Windows XP?”  With all the great new features of Windows XP, why would anyone need a desktop enhancement suite designed to take the OS to the next level? Wasn’t Windows XP the next level? As time has shown, millions of users looked to programs to enhance their Windows experience further.

 And so WindowBlinds 5.5 was born…

This is really just an interim release until the next big milestone: WindowBlinds 6. That’s when all of the really cool Vista skins will start appearing as we see custom blur effects and more:

Stardock has also begun work on WindowBlinds 6 which will provide a host of native features to Windows Vista such as custom blur effects, Sidebar skinning, glass toolbar skinning, and some new features that Stardock is keeping under wraps.  Users who purchased WindowBlinds 5 after February 1st will receive WindowBlinds 6 free. A beta of WindowBlinds 6 will be available for registered users shortly.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to skin Windows then WindowBlinds is definitely your solution. The real excitement is yet to come with WindowBlinds 6, but you’ll get a free upgrade if you purchase version 5.5 now (for $19.95) so you don’t really have anything to lose!

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Screenshots of WindowBlinds 5.5: here and here
Source: WinCustomize