Video game industryWhile the video game market may already appear to be booming, this may only be the beginning. According to the chief executive of Ubisoft (French Video Game Publisher), we can expect to see the market grow as much as 50% over the next four years. So who are the potential new gamers? Well considering how well the Wii has gone over with families, the new targets are just that, families, as well as older people, and women.

The current video game market is heavily dominated by men, which leaves lots of room for expansion with all of the women who have yet to enter the world of video games. Besides video games on consoles, they’re also expecting that people will be playing more games on their PCs, mobile phones, and even on the web.

Along with an increase in the market, we’re also expected to see an increase in “casual games” that appeal to just about everybody. Casual games are great for the developers because they cost less to make, in fact, a lot less.  A casual game on average costs around 1 million to 4 million euros to make compared to a “normal” game which can cost anywhere between 5 million and 10 million, depending on the console it’s being made for.

I think it’s safe to say that the video game industry will no longer need to rely on, nor focus on selling to the hardcore gamers. They’ll just be one percentage of the whole that makes up a rather large, expanding industry. For me at least, the casual “party” type games are the ones I always enjoy the most, so I look forward to what publishers have in-store as they increase the amount of casual games that they offer.

Source: Retuers