Despite the fact that the iPhone will be released in just a few short days, we still really haven’t heard much about the details of the phone in regards to settings, and even some of its features. A recent video floating around the web gives us a glimpse at some of the settings that you can expect, including a sample of a few ringtones.

There’s a whole list of new details here, I’ll just point out some of the ones that stood out for me. From the movie, we learn:

  • Included with the iPhone is an in-line viewer for PDFs, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel documents in email.
  • Want to listen to a portion of a voicemail again? Rewind it like a sound file.
  • iPhone headphones include volume and call control.
  • Limited ringtone selection available in the start menu, and Gizmodo points out that it doesn’t look like songs can be used.
  • Confirmed IMAP/POP support


Now, another thing we haven’t heard any official announcement on is the price of the service plan. While there is still no word yet, using the current prices that AT&T charges for their BlackBerry users, we can get an estimate of what you might expect.  Currently, BlackBerry users are charged between $34.99 and $79.99 per month for data, and between $49.99 to $99.99 for voice. Assuming that iPhone pricing will be similar, we can expect the range of prices to be between $84.98 and $179.98.

Remember, if you decide to purchase an iPhone, you will be required to sign a two year service contract.  Should you decide that you don’t want the phone/service anymore, you will incur a $175 cancellation fee.

iPhone Shortcomings?

Engadget is reporting that a “trusted source” of theirs has been fooling around with an iPhone, and not all of their reactions were positive.For example, they pointed out that the keyboard was “disappointing,” and often times registers multiple keys because of the two-fingered nature of the keyboard. If you plan on doing a lot of typing, it’s possible that you’re better off sticking with your BlackBerry. Another shortcoming mentioned was that the touchscreen took some rough-handling at times before it would register the input, which is certainly something that would take getting used to.

When you head into an Apple store or AT&T store on Friday, be sure you play around with the phone before you commit to buying it, and make sure that it’s something you’d want for two years.  I’d hate for anyone to have to shell out the $175 required in cancellation fees.