As promised, Microsoft Surface is now available in five different AT&T retail stores including two stores in New York City, and one each in San Francisco, San Antonio, and Atlanta. We just got done viewing a video of the Surface Table in action, and it’s actually really impressive. One of the first thoughts that came to mind was that it looked like something Apple would develop because it has a slick interface, it’s intuitive, and it looks so simple to use. Anybody buying a phone in one of the chosen stores will certainly be impressed.

Features that really stand out:

  • Zoom in on a coverage map to street view to see what kind of coverage you’ll receive in an area. There’s even a 3G mode you can switch to so that you’ll know how good 3D coverage is
  • Side-by-side comparison of phones – simply place two phones on the table and you’ll be able to see the features of each side-by-side
  • Multiple touch-points – multiple people can be interacting with the same table at the same time
  • Recognizable gestures like flick, zoom in/out, drag
  • If multiple colors of a phone are available, you can see what the phone looks like in any of the colors with just one touch of the screen

I mentioned the multiple touch-points above and relating to that, Gizmodo said that at one point, they had 30 fingers on the table and all fingers were registering. Yes, 30 fingers. That’s pretty crazy isn’t it? They say, “one person can zoom in on an object while another person flicks a different object.  At one point, we had 30 fingers on the table and they were all registering.”

Take a look at the video:

People are often quick to criticize Microsoft, but with Surface, I don’t know that there is any room to criticize. Microsoft did a fantastic job with it and it’ll be awesome to see other areas where Surface can be used.

Thanks for the tip Omar!