amazon streaming movies.pngThe Al l Things D conference is going on right now and one of the most interesting things to come from it was when Walt Mossburg was interviewing Jeff Bezos, founder, president, and chief executive offer of Bezos announced that within the next couple of weeks, Amazon will be launching a streaming movie service that users will pay for. Bezos was quoted as saying, “We are working on a new version of video on demand, a for-pay streaming service we will release in the next couple of weeks. The streaming service will start instantly and it’s a la carte, for pay.” To clarify, this new streaming movie service would be separate from Amazon Unbox (a download service).

Amazon sure likes competing, don’t they? It is nice for us consumers that there are multiple sites out there to choose from. Bezos says he’s serious about music and video downloads. Now we’re left with a few questions like how much will movies cost to stream and how many titles will they have available in their library? Oh, and we can’t forget how recent the titles were either. Hopefully they’ll have more recently released movies available as well as some of the older ones. These are all things that could make em’ or break em’!

Source: Gizmodo