Some of you are probably already sick of the Microsoft Ad campaign, so if you are just skip this article. We’ve been following the whole campaign, so it’s a must that we show you the latest three “I’m a PC” ads. These latest ads are the first since Microsoft decided to switch their focus a bit.

We mentioned this change in focus yesterday when we were wondering what was going on with Microsoft’s Ad campaign. As we said yesterday, Microsoft has NOT discontinued the Bill Gates/Seinfeld series, as far as we know. They have just shifted focus a bit. Here’s our first glimpse at what they are working on with the three latest ads:

As you probably noticed, all three start out the same, featuring a John Hodgman look-alike. They still do not give users a great idea as to what Vista offers, but it seems as though Microsoft’s approach is to first clear up their image and show that everyday people all over the World are using PC’s. The ads are definitely multi-cultural and show that it’s more than a dorky caucasian male who uses Windows. With time I think Microsoft will do more to point out Vista’s shining features. If we had to decide which “focus” will suit Microsoft best, it’s definitely the new round of “I’m a PC” ads that leave Seinfeld out.

Overall, I like the new ads.