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I regularly follow Amazon Lightning Deals because they can turn up some big savings if you’re in the market for what they have to offer. From that point of view they are like except that Woot tries to focus on just one deal a day (with the exception of Woot-offs). Amazon throws several deals at you each day, and then give you hints of upcoming offers that can leave you unsure of whether it’s an item of interest to you.

There’s a workaround for any of you using Google Chrome. The Lightning Reveal extension was designed to let you hover over any “Upcoming Deal” item, and it will reveal exactly what the item is. That’s right, no more trying to guess based on the description they provide. With the extension you can also click on the treasure chest to be directed to the Amazon product page for that particular item.

How well does it work? Well, I put it to the test about a dozen times and it never came up wrong. The only thing it isn’t able to do is reveal the sale price, but at least I know now whether it is worth coming back to see what the price is. In one case Amazon’s hint said that the item was a Logitech keyboard and mouse for under $25… and with Lightning Reveal I was able to see that the regular price of the set was $60. Not bad, and I was able to figure it all out before the deal actually started.

Lightning Reveal works with the following Amazon pages:

Lightning Reveal Extension for Chrome