Vispa is a tiny application that doesn’t require any installation, and has many options to customize your Windows Vista installation. All of the things that you can alter with Vispa can be done without the application, although many of the settings would require that you dig into the Windows Registry if you would want to change them.

In Vispa you just have the check the boxes of the settings that you want to change, which includes turning off Automatic Updates, disabling the Low Diskspace warning, and deleting files/shortcuts that clutter up the computer (such as the sample Pictures/Music that are included). There are way too many options to list them all, so take a look at this screenshot which demonstrates all of the things you can do with Vispa:

Vispa Settings
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As you can see many of the settings are geared towards protecting your privacy, which in most cases is a good thing. The only bad thing about this software is that it doesn’t give detailed information about what each of the settings do. Many of them are straightforward, but there were a few that I had to lookup on Google to determine what they were for.

Vispa Homepage (Download from Google Code)

Source: Neowin