aero glass firefox 3

I was starting to become skeptical as to whether it was possible to have an Aero Glass theme for Firefox much like that of Internet Explorer 7, but there is now proof that it can be done. One top-notch developer took it upon himself to create an extension that would create a fancy eye-catching interface for Firefox 3. The result is the Glasser extension.

As you can see in the screenshot above it looks rather sharp on a machine running Vista with Aero Glass enabled. Honestly, this is more like what I was expecting the Vista theme to look like in Firefox 3, but Mozilla didn’t go that route.

The extension is still in the early stages, but seems to work pretty well. If you want to give it a whirl you’ll need to be running Firefox 3 (currently in Beta), and here is the info you need to get the extension going:

Download: Glasser Installer (XPI)
To install Glasser, first download the file, then drag and drop it to your Firefox window.

If you want the Windows Explorer, Windows Media Player, or Windows Mail style background on the personal toolbar, download You can install the CSS files with either the Stylish Add-on, or by edit your userChrome.css file.

If you want to remove the menu-bar, try either Personal Menu or Hide Menubar. Both support using the Alt key to temperately show the menu-bar and Personal Menu lets you keep a button on the toolbar to gain access to the menus.

I really hope that the developer continues to work on the extension, and possibly bundle options with it such as hiding the Menu bar. Out of curiosity I would love to hear whether you think this is better than the current Vista theme for Firefox 3. Drop off your comments below.

Glasser 1.0 Alpha Extension
Thanks to everyone who sent this in!