Windows Vista Microsoft plans on making Windows Vista available to MSDN subscribers just 7-days after they release it to manufacturing. That means it will be available to download around November 15, which is two weeks before businesses will even be able to get it. Here is what the MSDN site says:

Windows Vista and Office 2007 will be available through MSDN Subscriber downloads within 7 days of release to manufacture (RTM). MSDN Subscriptions is committed to making new content available to our subscribers as soon as is practical.

So, you know what question needs to be asked now…how long before Vista is leaked and cracked? I’m not sure if Microsoft was planning on making any changes to the activation mechanism before they launched or not, but I say it will be leaked within a week of it being available to MSDN subscribers and the activation will be cracked within a week of that. Any other guesses on when it will be leaked and cracked?