VistacapableLast week we mentioned the latest lawsuit against Microsoft, this time over their “Windows Vista Capable” marketing. In a nutshell the lawsuit claims that Microsoft was being deceptive by allowing PC makers to promote hardware as Vista Capable.

Fast forward to today and now Microsoft is changing their wording on how Vista is marketed. Prior, the program stated that the Windows Vista Capable Stickers pointed out XP-based computers that are “powerful enough to run Windows Vista.”

Now their explanation says that these XP-based Computers with the Vista Capable logo will “deliver core experiences such as innovations in organizing and finding information, security and reliability.  All Windows Vista Capable PCs will run these core experiences at a minimum.” In other words, none of the fancy eye candy that Microsoft tends to use to market Vista the most.

The addition of “at a minimum” now clearly points out that you will not get a complete Vista “premium” experience. Microsoft hasn’t stated that this change was a direct result of the latest lawsuit, but you can bet that it was.

I personally don’t think the lawsuit will stand a chance because Microsoft made an major effort to educate retailers in particular, but consumers as well, as to what expect with the different versions of Windows Vista. Although, if there weren’t so many version, I guess there wouldn’t be all of these issues? The bottom line though is that consumers need to educate themselves and ask questions before they make a major purchase, especially because the information was available to them.

Source: DailyTech