mojave.pngOften times we find ourselves wondering whether Vista’s harshest critics have ever used the operating system for more than an hour or two, if at all, because their complaints aren’t usually justified. You really have to use it for at least a month or two before you realize how nice it is to have, say, the option to perform searches right from the Start menu. It also takes time for someone to realize just how stable (assuming your computer has the proper hardware) Vista is. Sometimes it takes looking back and reflecting upon something to realize all that it brings to the table.

There’s no doubt that Microsoft has taken a lot of heat over Windows Vista and that some people can jump on the bandwagon and complain about it without ever using it. Microsoft knows this so they decided to defend their operating system and put critics in their place. Here’s how they did it:

  1. First they headed out around San Francisco to find Windows XP users who didn’t think very highly of Vista
  2. Then those individuals were interviewed, on video, and asked about their impressions of Vista
  3. Following the interview they were shown a “new” operating system that Microsoft said was code-named ‘Mojave’
  4. Following the video, 90% of the people gave positive feedback about what they saw
  5. Once feedback was given, the people were told that the operating system they saw in action and gave positive feedback on was actually Windows Vista
  6. We’re sure this is when Microsoft said “HA! See, Vista isn’t bad after all!”

If more people had actually tried the operating system instead of relying on word-of-mouth from someone else who probably hadn’t actually tried it for themselves either, Microsoft probably wouldn’t be in the situation that they find themselves in today.

According to CNET, Microsoft plans to use the footage of people positively reviewing “Mojave” in it’s marketing, although the specifics haven’t been figured out quite yet. There’s no doubt that Microsoft has some work ahead of them as they try to change the negative perceptions people have about Vista, and “Mojave” is definitely one way to do it.