Windows Vista Ultimate Microsoft is constantly under scrutiny for almost any decision they make, and their latest Windows Vista license changes were no different. Surprisingly, Microsoft did decide to budge a little and they will now allow users to transfer retail licenses of Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, and Ultimate to another machine. Here is what the Windows Vista Team Blog had to say about it:

  • You may uninstall the software and install it on another device for your use.  You may not do so to share this license between devices.

You can find the newly-revised retail license terms here, as I’m sure you’ll want to read them for yourself.

Our intention behind the original terms was genuinely geared toward combating piracy; however, it’s become clear to us that those original terms were perceived as adversely affecting an important group of customers: PC and hardware enthusiasts.  You who comprise the enthusiast market are vital to us for several reasons, not least of all because of the support you’ve provided us throughout the development of Windows Vista.  We respect the time and expense you go to in customizing, building and rebuilding your hardware and we heard you that the previous terms were seen as an impediment to that — it’s for that reason we’ve made this change. 

Hey, if this is how Microsoft wants to thank me for testing Vista then I more than welcome it (especially with the number of times my computer has been reformatted to install new versions). It’s obvious that they aren’t going to give the millions of testers a free copy of Windows but this is a great unexpected change.

Now that is really making me think heavily whether I should just fork out the $110 for a copy of Windows XP Media Center Edition so that I can receive the Vista Home Premium upgrade later on. It’s looking like a very good deal since it is more than half off of the Vista Home Premium price, get a valid XP license (good for a virtual machine or something), and since it is a retail copy I can carry it with me from computer to computer.