Windows Vista is less than two-weeks away from being released to businesses but the consumer release is still over 2-months away. That leaves Microsoft plenty of time to promote individual features and aspects of the new operating system in hopes of building hype and excitement.

A recent post by Jim Allchin is certainly a hype builder because it boasts the 19,500 drivers that come on the Windows Vista DVD by default. I can certainly vouch for the quality of drivers because it is a significant improvement over the Vista Beta 2 released earlier this year.  Despite the nightmare of included drivers in Beta 2 all of my devices on both my desktop and laptop were recognized when Vista RC1 was released. Well, my built-in memory card reader wasn’t recognized but Windows Update downloaded the drivers for that. Also, I still had to install the XP driver for my Synaptic mouse because I wanted to disable the tap-to-click feature, which is something the generic mouse drivers don’t let you do in Windows.

When Windows XP was shipped there were 10,000 drivers included so the number has nearly doubled with the release of Vista. Is that surprising? Not really because there has been a long period between the days of XP and Vista so the number of new devices have increased tremendously. I remember when I installed Windows XP for the first time it was so nice not having to download the drivers for my PC. The same thing can be said for Vista…right now that is. In a year when I purchase a new computer I’ll be in the same boat where I’ll need to download all of the drivers if I want something to work properly. Hopefully, as Jim says in the post, Microsoft will contiually do a god job adding third-party drivers to Windows Update so that you shouldn’t have to hunt down the drivers if they aren’t included on the Vista DVD.