Vista Loses PC-To-PC Synchronization

Windows IT is reporting that Vista will lose another key feature: PC-to-PC synchronization. Microsoft has already pushed Vista’s deadline back to January and now they are pulling features. Are we ever going to see the product that we have been expecting? Here is what Paul Thurrott had to say about the feature being pulled:

Vista is also losing a major feature, PC-to-PC sync, which Microsoft Co-President Jim Allchin described to me back in January as one of his favorite Vista features. “You really can leave all your documents on a server and use cached copies on the client,” he said. “It’s just synchronizing the files when you make changes, as needed.”

Microsoft just removed the PDF support because Adobe pretty much forced them to, and now this. Hopefully Microsoft doesn’t continually pull features in order to meet their deadlines otherwise they will receive a lot of criticism when Vista actually does get released (on top of the criticism that they are already receiving).

Hopefully we will see the Public Vista Beta 2 before all of the features get pulled :D .

News Source: Windows IT Pro