Vista Media Center Internet TV Microsoft is kicking Vista Media Center up a notch starting tomorrow morning. All Vista Media Center users (which means you’re running Home Premium or Ultimate) will have access to an early Beta version of Internet TV.

The content available will be completely free, but it will be sponsored by ads. Initially there will be 100 hours of content including:

  • Full episodes of TV shows such as the critically acclaimed “Arrested Development”
  • Full-length music concerts by artists such as Chris Cornell, Snoop Dogg, Elton John, Pink, John Mayer and the Pussycat Dolls
  • High-quality movie trailers from major movie studios
  • The latest news segments from MSNBC
  • Sports clips from FOX Sports

So I’m left asking myself how successful this is going to be. I do have a Media Center computer hooked up to a television right now, and I really look forward to being able to watch the trailers on it:

Vista Media Center Trailers

The real success of this will depend on the type of partnerships Microsoft can setup with media companies. I’m sure users wouldn’t be very concerned with the ads if they are able to watch full episodes of their favorite shows, or being able to watch full concerts. Hopefully this will evolve into something great, assuming that new content is regularly being added.

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  1. Well I just uninstalled Vista off my laptop and reinstalled XP on it so I guess I wont be able to see the change. But then again I never really fancied Media Center that much.

    I’d say that this improvement is great, but it’s definitely unimportant, and it will hardly help Media Center become more popular.

  2. It definitely isn’t necessary, but it’s one of those things that will be a nice addition to the Media Center app. Microsoft actually needs to do more things like this, because it is often the attention to detail that earns the admiration of the users.

  3. Andrej wrote:
    But then again I never really fancied Media Center that much.

    Media Center has actually grown a lot on me. The interface is great, and after using it for several months, I must say, I’m impressed with it.

  4. it should be noted that this is for the US only, as stated in microsoft site “U.S. users of Windows Vista Home Premium edition and Windows Vista Ultimate edition”.

    although i understand why, it still pisses me off. after all, it is people from all over the world who downloaded illegal TV content that pushed the studios to join them instead of fighting them. but in most cases, it is only people from the states who enjoy this new usage of the internet.

    but hey, it might mean we are one step closer to some sort of TV/Movies/Music utopia (well, it’s better then the old order of things in most cases anyway) all over the world.

  5. That is interesting since things like the Box Office movies and such can be a worldwide service. Maybe they are going to wait and see how well it takes off first?

  6. i think it all have to do with local market distributers and deals, and maybe also to how some countries are ranked regarding software theft.

    in small countries, maybe they are afraid there is no room for both downloaded media, and also TV, movies, music stores ect. and as for Israel at least, although we have a couple of mp3 store, they only have local music, and nothing worldwide (or very little at best), not even from big player like iTunes.

    i think the biggest world media distributer, for TV content anyway, is Joost, and even them have many restriction about what u can view where. maybe iTunes too, but they have been around for much longer.

  7. snoop dog? Pussycat Dolls? msnbc? give me a break. just goes to show how “out of touch” microsoft really is with the rest of the world. that does happen in corporate environments you know..

  8. i live in the UK.
    i would realy like this feature.
    the interface looks fantastic.
    what are the prices?
    how do you pay?

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