Vista Might Be The Easiest Windows Ever To Crack

It has been a known fact for quite some time that Microsoft will be shipping seven versions of Windows Vista, but will all seven versions be on the same DVD? This speculation could be good for all of the hackers because certain feature sets would only be unlocked by product keys. This makes it easy for those that want the best version but don’t want to pay the highest price, because you can go buy the cheapest version and find the crack that will unlock the best version. Of course, people are probably thinking ‘if you are going to crack a version that you bought then why buy it at all?’ Well, some ISPs are really hammering down on people downloading illegal software, but it is very very difficult for them to catch and punish someone that is only downloading the crack! I really can’t see Microsoft making this move but I am sure we will soon see.

News Source: Longhorn Blogs