Vista Logo A few days ago Microsoft said that they aren’t going to be sending Windows Vista to RTM (Release To Manufacturing) next week which didn’t really come as a shock to me. This means that the business version of Vista will probably not ship until the last day in November if they decide to still try to make the November launch date. If they can’t get Vista to RTM by next week then it will certainly be tough because Vista will need about a month in RTM before it is ready to be made available.

The other surprising thing was that Neowin posted about Windows Vista 5808 being released to Technology Adoption Program (TAP) customers. The last build, which was Vista RC2, was number 5744 but there are currently no details on what has been fixed between the two builds. They also posted the filename for the download which is actually interesting:


That file is reported to be the English Upgrade and weighs in at less than 2GB. Judging by the looks of the filename it is the Enterprise Upgrade so this will probably not get released to Microsoft Connect Testers or to the public.

So who’s thinking that the RTM version of Vista will get leaked before it is released at the end of November? I say there is a pretty good shot. ;)