Vista MacAll sites that mention Apple’s next big operating system release, called Leopard, say that the release will be late April or early May. DigiTimes is going against what the rest of the Internet is speculating by saying that the release date will be in October of 2007. Why such a delay? Vista…

The sources pointed out that the launch delay is not due to software design problems with Leopard but instead is attributed to Apple’s plan to have its new OS support Windows Vista through an integrated version of Boot Camp. Boot Camp is an Apple software application that currently assists in the installation of Windows XP on computers using Apple’s latest OS. The company hopes with support for Vista, Mac computers using the new OS can grab more market share, according to the sources.

To try and squeeze out some more info Mary Jo Foley contacted Apple hoping for an informative response. All she got was this:

We don’t comment on rumors and we’ve made no announcements about Leopard availability more specific than Spring 2007.

Ahh, but wait! Does this mean it is definitely coming in the next few months? Nah, as Mary Jo pointed out that could just mean that only a select few people may know about the delay right now.

I think that getting Vista to work with Boot Camp is important, but probably not initially. Why not just release the new operating system and provide the updates further down the road? I don’t think that Vista compatibility is a reason to hold an entire Mac operating system back from being released…unless Apple is just going to use that as their scapegoat?

Oh yeah, and people are already installing Vista on Mac’s, but a little bit of troubleshooting may be needed. Just hop on over to this instructions page if you need more information on setting up Vista on a Mac using Boot Camp.