Vista RC1 Scheduled For August 15The Windows Vista RC1 release is scheduled for August 15. Hopefully those people who downloaded Beta 2 actually installed it and activated it because you will be receiving RC1 as well. It is kind of Microsoft’s way of saying “Thanks for putting up with a buggy operating system” (to put it nicely :D ).

It also looks like another build of Vista has been leaked to the Web. Vista 5483 was supposed to be released to Microsoft Connect testers Microsoft may have changed their mind and will not be releasing this build. I am sure that won’t stop people from looking for the leaked version.

Checking out the screenshots reveals a new weather gadget which I show above. It has a more slick feeling to it and fits Vista’s sleek design very well. There are probably some other small new things in this build but just looking at a few screenshots makes it difficult to search for new features.

Let’s hope for an on-time release for Vista RC1!