Vista Jim Allchin just posted a lengthy article (10 characters long) stating that “It’s time!” Judging by the tags on the post I would assume that he is referring to Windows Vista being sent to the manufacturer!

The road has been a long one but I am glad to see that Microsoft finally reached a point where they felt confident enough to ship Vista out. This means by next Wednesday MSDN subscribers should be able to download it and I’m sure it won’t be long after that happens for it to leak to the Internet, since that is naturally what happens.

I am still running Vista RC2 on two of my primary machines and they are both starting to get bogged down a little. It has only been a month since I did a fresh install but it is a lot slower now that I have many of my frequently used programs installed. I’m sure a lot of the problem is due to the applications not explicitly being Vista compatible but many of them I can’t function without. In fact I just got done rebooting from a blue screen (yes, the wonderful BSoD is still in Vista). :(

I’m sure that several bugs have been fixed so that Vista RTM runs smoother than the previous releases so I can’t wait to give it a try. Congratulations to Microsoft for getting Vista out-the-door and I anxiously await to see what kind of applications developers will make to utilize the full functionality that Vista has to offer.

Paul Thurrott has a screenshot gallery available of Vista RTM for all of the different versions. He is also starting his 8-part review of Windows Vista.