vista search index gadget Finally! Well over a year ago I wrote about how a Microsoft blog was outlining how to make a Vista “PowerToy” gadget. The gadget that they were using for their demonstration was a Vista Search Index controller where you could pause or start indexing on-demand. For one reason or another the gadget was never actually released… until now!

The gadget, which is pictured to the right, is pretty conservative in the amount of space it consumes. It will show how many items are currently being indexed, and has several features that Vista power users will surely love:

  • Monitor the current state of the indexer
  • See how many items need to be processed
  • View the total count of indexed items
  • Stop and start the indexing service
  • Open the Indexing Options control panel
  • View the installed Windows Search version number
  • Multiple backgrounds / color combinations
  • Windows Search 4 Preview only (review): “Index Now” functionality.  This disables the “Back Off” functionality of the indexer for faster indexing.

I highly recommend using this gadget for any of the Vista users out there. Being able to pause the indexing is really nice for when you’re doing something computer-intensive like playing a game.

Windows Search Index Gadget Homepage [via Vista Blog]